Our Senior Partner, Mr David Glynn, passed away peacefully, surrounded by family, at the Adventist Hospital on Easter Sunday, 27th March 2016.


David will be missed greatly by us all and will always be remembered fondly. He touched the lives of us all, was instrumental in so many of our careers and meant so much to each of us. He was a leader, a mentor, a partner, a teacher and above all a dear friend. He was always caring, fair, generous, incredibly bright, had an amazing memory and a fabulous sense of humour.


David was a solicitor for more than 50 years and recently celebrated his 40th year of residence in Hong Kong. During that time, he made a phenomenal contribution to the field of Family Law, and devoted his time to building Hampton, Winter and Glynn into the reputable firm it is today. In his memory we will continue his work and strive to maintain the high standards he set.


In sadness and celebration of a life well-lived,


The Partners of Hampton, Winter and Glynn